small serves 10-15, large serves 20-25

rustic artisanal cheese board, seasonal jam + fruits, served with crackers
$99/small, $185/large

simple cheese board, fresh fruit, served with crackers
$62/small, $106/large

charcuterie board, pickles, olives + grainy mustard
$75/small, $140/large

smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese, pumpernickel points, radish + traditional garnish
$109/small, $192/large

vegetable assortment served with beetroot hummus
$60/small, $100/large

fresh fruit assortment with a honey ginger yoghurt dip
$60/small, $100/large

satay platter of chicken and beef marinated in a lemongrass curry and served with a peanut dip
$120/small (40 pieces), $240/large (80 pieces)

salad rolls wrapped in rice paper with noodles, fresh vegetables and cilantro served with thai chili dip
$120/small (4o pieces), $240/large (80 pieces)

mini bun with medium rare roast beef, caramelized onion, horseradish mayo & baby arugula
$90/small (30 pieces), $180/large (60 pieces)

flatbread with caramelized onions, gruyere, rosemary & truffle honey
$50/small (40 pieces), $100/large (80 pieces)

flatbread with tomato, basil, sundried tomatoes, chili & mozzarella
$50/small (40 pieces), $100/large (80 pieces)

crostini, chips & dips with a curried hummus, tzatziki, roasted red pepper and goat cheese 
$60/small, $100/large

crostini making platter with burrata, roasted cherry tomatoes & pesto
$80/small, $120/large

party sandwiches assortment of egg, tuna, salmon, cream cheese & cucumber, roast beef, ham, turkey
$40/small (24 pieces), $80/large (48 pieces)

desserts assortment of squares with walnut brownies, lemon squares, pecan bars, date squares
$65/small (24 pieces), $125/large (48 pieces)