crostini, roasted cherry tomatoes, creamy burrata, pesto & baby basil 

grilled sourdough, ricotta, truffle honey, black pepper + shaved radish

seared steak, baguette crisp, corn & tomato salsa + avocado smear

smoked trout, sea salt chip, crème fraiche + fresh herbs

rosemary, new potato, rosemary, gruyere + honey flatbread

seasoned beef burger, sharp cheddar, roasted garlic aioli + pain au lait bun

triple cream brie, fig jam, green apple grilled cheese

tuna tartare, avocado, ginger soy lime, wonton chip & baby cilantro sprouts 




rustic artisanal cheese board, seasonal jam + fruits

charcuterie board, pickles, olives + grainy mustard

vegetable assortment + beet hummus

citrus cured salmon, scallion cream cheese, pumpernickel points, radish + traditional garnish

crostini, chips & dips with a curried hummus, tzatziki, roasted red pepper and goat cheese